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Saturday Morning Cartoons

I was asked to teach a class on Saturday, September 26, in the Virtual Kingdom of Meridies, due to the ongoing pandemic.

We've all picked up -- or wanted to pick up-- new skills in our isolation for the good of the realm.  I began working on some art for free download so that artists might more readily create and scale patterns for artwork.  I'll post the Zoom link here on class days, and a YouTube link of the recorded class thereafter.

Step 1:  Download Inkscape from https://inkscape.org/

Step 2: Download Compass Rose 50 per cent.png and Dürer Pelican 50 per cent.png from this page.

Step three: hang out, follow along, and ask questions!

Images: Compass Rose, Dürer print in collection of Morgan Library, C. 1471-1528, Simplified cartoon for repoussé layout, Cartoon overlaid on Dürer print, repoussé nickel-silver badge, 18g, 2"/50mm wide, finished Pelican badge with laurel wreath beneath nest.

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Horse with Flute & Drum Walters Manuscript.PNGDownload
Rabbit Dog Snail Men Manuscript 13C.PNGDownload
Whatever the Hell These Are Rutland Psalter C 1260.PNGDownload
Compass Rose 50 per cent.pngDownload
Albrecht Dürer Pelican in Her Piety 1471-1528 Morgan Library 94 x 93mm Pen & Brown ink & wash on paper.JPGDownload
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Dürer Pelican 50 per cent.pngDownload