• This is a commercial 4oz head-weight chasing hammer which has had the chrome plating removed from the striking surface to prevent pitch contamination. 11-1/4" / 11.3" / 285mm Overall Length.
  • Can be used to either scribe soft metals or to punch holes in leather. 1/8"/.125"/3.2mm diameter O-1 drill rod, hardened and tempered. 4"/10cm overall length nominal. Wooden graver handle.
  • 3 pounds/1350 grams German Red chasing pitch, ideal for supporting small repoussé projects up to 5" in diameter. 6.5"/165mm overall diameter stainless steel bowl. 2.25"/57mm high.
  • General Forming Set Repoussé Punch Set 1-6 consists of six punches: 3 liners and 3 planishers. Material is fully heat-treated O-1 tool steel, 4.25" long, 5/16" diameter drill rod stock. 8-10 oz weight.

  • Fine Details Set Repoussé Punch Set 7-12 consists of 2 rounded liners and 4 detail planishers. Material is fully heat-treated O-1 tool steel. 4.25"/110mm long, 1/4"/6.5mm diameter drill rod stock. 6oz/160g weight.